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Boulevard Construction is an international construction firm servicing the United States West Coast with professional and timely project management. We place a high value on collaboration and clearly present a plan of action with measurable benchmarks for our projects.
These are the foundations for a successful project. We will work closely with your contact points during each evolution stage and in the preconstruction phase. Our goal is to develop a level of mutual trust with our clients where they know we are meeting the demands of the project, and we understand they are fully informed and on board with any necessary adjustments.


Boulevard Construction partnered with best architects & engineers...


Our engineering team loves a good challenge to solve. Their combined...


We are particularly proud of our construction arm of the business because of its ability to both...


We tailor our PMs to fit the unique needs of your building challenge...

How We Work


The construction industry relies on the long-held traditions of building as well as the new technology and techniques available. That is why Boulevard Construction keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry for the latest trends, standards, and regulations to ensure a quality project.

Plan & Collaboration

We use methodical planning and include everyone necessary from our team during this process. We welcome all inputs to formulate a strong, insightful roadmap with measurable benchmarks our clients can bring back to their stakeholders for reporting project progression.


A leading aspect of our business is the assured safety for all our team members. From the crew cleaning our office to the contractor working with steel, every single one of our member’s safety is treated with the utmost care and regulations.

Ready to Get Started?

Boulevard Construction is a leading construction firm serving the California area and United States. We are eager to get started with your next project.

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